Startup Costs for a Rodent Pest Control Business

A rodent or pest control business can be started with minimal capital and yet become a lucrative business. However, it requires a level of dedication, passion and hard work. Clients can include both residential and commercial buildings.

For the startup costs, someone would need capital ranging between approximately $10,000 and about $60,000, depending on the kind of services they plan to offer. The rodent pest control business can generate a yearly profit of over $80,000, depending on the location and how wide of a service area is covered.

Pest Control Licensing Fees

Licensing fees and requirements may vary from state to state, but both training and examination is required for all pest control businesses. Because pest control for rodents involves usage of chemicals, cleanup and disposal of termites, ants, cockroaches, rodents and other insects, heavy regulation is imposed on such service providers as this form of business can be dangerous if not handled carefully. Most states also require a background check.

Licensing costs include exam registration fees, license and certificate fees, yearly renewal fees and late renewal fees. The exam registration fees can vary depending on the type of exam that is being taken. For instance, applicants taking the exam for Commercial Applicator License (Core) must pay $75, as of 2010 according to the Massachusetts government. The fee will be $125 for those who want to register for the Dealer License exam.

After taking the exam and successfully passing it, individuals are sent a certification or license application. Applicants must submit the appropriate fee to receive their license. License and certification fee for Commercial Applicator License (Core) is $100, and the same fee is applicable for a Private Certification. However, for a Dealer License an individual must pay $300.

Once the license or certificate has been granted, an individual must submit the appropriate yearly renewal fee to maintain their license credentials. For instance, the yearly renewal fees for Commercial Applicator License (Core) is $100 (due no later than Dec 31 every year). If pesticide applicators and dealers fail to renew their applicator license credential before the last date, they will be charged an additional fee which is also known as the late fee. For instance, for Commercial Applicator License (Core) a late fee of $75 is charged.

Business Insurance

States make it compulsory for pest control and rodent control companies to have pest control liability insurance before starting out. In many states a business must carry a minimum insurance of $100,000 in property damage and another $300,000 in bodily injury coverage before starting the business.

Equipment, Chemicals, Transportation

The cost of equipment and chemicals will depend on the type of chemicals and equipment the business will use and the methods that are chosen. Some of the basic equipment most commonly used includes dusters, sprayers, vacuums, bait guns, traps, and safety equipment. To transport equipment and chemicals, a small truck or van will be needed. It is even possible to have enough room in a car when first starting the business. The initial cost will depend on the model and the year you decide to purchase.

Starting a new business is always exciting but it is important to fully understand all the costs that will be incurred, so that enough capital can be on hand to cover expenses until business picks up enough to begin to make a profit.